Heather Vickers

Hahira Middle School


James L. Pate, Lantry L. Brockmeier, Robert B. Green, Rudo Tsemunhu

Valdosta State University


Abstract: This nonexperimental survey research investigated whether enrollment, location, expenditures, percentage of free and reduced lunch and percentage of minority students influenced Georgia’s superintendent and board chairperson satisfaction. In addition, this study investigated whether respondents’ satisfaction could predict student achievement. Finally, this study investigated whether superintendents valued professional standards differently than board chairpersons.

Findings revealed a great deal of satisfaction held and agreement between superintendents and board chairpersons, but no significant difference in satisfaction levels based on district enrollment, percentage of minority students, or district location. Board chairpersons of districts with higher percentages of students receiving free and reduced lunch were significantly less satisfied than board chairpersons of districts with lower percentages of students receiving free and reduced lunch. Board chairperson satisfaction significantly predicted student achievement and graduation rate. Finally, results illustrated superintendents ranked the importance of ethics significantly higher than board chairpersons.

Full text of complete journal attached in PDF on the main IJELP page. 

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