Instructions for Reviewers


The National Council of Professors of Educational Administration (NCPEA) maintains a "pool" of reviewers for use by their publications. This pool is called the NCPEA Board of Reviewers. NCPEA has three publications: the Education Leadership Review, the ELR DR, and the International Journal of Educational Leadership Preparation. Each of these publications requires the use of reviewers in their publication review process. Each publication has its own editor and unique review process. However, these review processes are very similar in nature.



To become a reviewer and a member of the NCPEA Board of Reviewers, send via email an indication of your topic interest to Brad Bizzell (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), Director of Publications or to any member of the NCPEA Executive Board.



"Good peer reviewers play a crucial part in the advancement of a profession and are highly valued by journal editors, conference organizers and funding bodies. The essential goal of the peer review process is to maximize the quality of published research in a field of scholarly inquiry. A reviewer has obligations to three audiences: (a) the editor of the journal, (b) the author(s) of the paper, and (c) scholars and practitioners in the profession.

The editor of the journal relies on reviewers to be thorough, prompt, and fair. The editor expects to be provided with detailed but concise assessments of manuscript quality; a clear recommendation about whether the paper should be rejected, revised, or accepted; and feedback to authors that will be helpful in crafting a revision (or submission to another journal).

The authors rely on reviewers to be constructive, reasoned, explicit, and ethical. A submitted manuscript is confidential: Do not discuss it; do not copy it; do not quote it. Identify both the strengths and the weaknesses of the paper. When serving as a reviewer, be aware of your biases or preferences. Do not be superficial or dismissive. Consider how you can help them to improve their study and write in this spirit of constructive criticism.


Note: All of the publications of NCPEA are blind peer reviewed publications. A person may be selected for reviewing on all three publications in any given year, and may list as serving as a reviewer for each of the publications, as well as being a member of the NCPEA Board of Reviewers when listing your professional service.

Developed October, 2007 by Rosemary Papa and Fred Dembowski; Revised August, 2008 by Rosemary Papa and Theodore Creighton

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