NCPEA Publications currently inludes:


NCPEA Press 

Education Leadership Review (ELR)

Education Leadership Review of Doctoral Research (ELRDR)

International Journal of Educational Leadership Preparation (IJELP)

Mentoring & Tutoring: Partnership in Learning (M&T)

NCPEA State Affiliate Journals


All NCPEA Publications are submitted through our Manuscript FastTrack system, a highly sophisticated and state of the art submission and review software. Our Editors and Reviewers complete their work in this FastTrack system.


Acceptance Rates are easily calculated and posted on a regular basis. As of October  2014, the acceptance rates for our publications are 17%, covering a 6 year publication time-frame. From 2008 through 2104, acceptance rates are 11%,with a review turn-around of less than 14 days.  Supporting statistics and documentation are attached in PDF and free as a download for professional purposes.


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