Principals have a clear impact on the transition of teachers into their initial work setting (Allensworth, Ponisciak, Mazzeo, 2009; S. T. Bickmore & D. L. Bickmore, 2010; Scherff, 2008). School administrators’ influence on teacher induction is both organizational and relational as they develop structures and practices that support novices. Supporting effective induction structures (i.e., orientation, mentoring, collaboration), as well as developing positive working conditions and relationships with novices, leads to teacher satisfaction and retention, resulting in improved student achievement (Glazerman et al., 2010; Henry, Bastian, & Fortner, 2011; Smith & Ingersoll, 2004). However, little empirical evidence exists delineating principals’ role in the induction of other school personnel, such as school counselors. The purpose of this study was to examine how principals conceptualized and engaged in the induction of novice school counselors (NSCs). Specific questions that guided this examination were: (1) How did principals perceive the support given in NSCs in their transition? (2) How did principals’ understanding of school counseling influence induction supports provided for NSCs? 


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