This paper documents the results of a mixed method study of teachers who participated in a survey and focus groups in a K-12 southwestern suburban school district during the 2011-2012 school year. The mixed method design contains elements of both qualitative and quantitative approaches, permitting the authors to collect qualitative and quantitative data in the same study. The teacher population (N=295) included intervention specialists, speech and language specialists and counselors at the pre-school, elementary, middle school and high school levels. The quantitative and qualitative results from this study are synthesized and triangulated in the Cross – School Results Triangulation Table (Table 1), and indicate that the district teachers assessed the impact of the Data Team Process (Reeves, 2006) on their curricular, assessment/feedback, instructional and leadership practices as positive.  Teachers generally reported that the process positively impacted student learning, though results varied between pre-school, elementary, middle school and high school levels. Results were reasonably consistent within the pre-school and elementary levels, varied slightly within the middle school level, and were more variable at the high school level. The study exposed the need in the district to focus on the full ten-step Data Team Process, provide protected time to work in Data Teams, design teams carefully to allow same subject teaches to work together, enforce common norms of behavior and create school-wide Data Teams to orchestrate the efforts of subject/grade level teams.


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