Even after decades of use, designing and implementing worthwhile educational administrative internships remains a work in progress. What appears to be a logical conclusion that this experience would enhance the training of aspiring building leaders defies the gathering of definitive empirical evidence. The quest to validate what constitutes a successful internship experience intensified in the 1980s when research affirmed the positive relationship between effective school leadership and school performance. The research results contained in this study attempt to provide information that will lead to the improvement of internship experiences for aspiring school administrators. In order to accomplish this purpose, current building principals in Indiana were surveyed regarding their internship experiences in the areas of program structure, components of the internship, time requirements, and recommendations for improvement. This research is a replication of a 2009 study, Improving Administrative Internship Programs: Perceptions of Illinois Principals, authored by Thomas Kersten, Margaret Trybus, and Daniel White. The differences and similarities found in the comparison studies are discussed in the Summary and Conclusions.

Full Text of manuscript attached in PDF below.

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