This paper presents and discusses the statistical analysis of the responses from an online survey administered to a sample of US superintendents (n=225) in an attempt to explore and authenticate the construct validity of the ISLLC 2008 Standards through exploratory factor analysis. Using a Principal Axis Factor method, 6 factors were extracted representative of the six ISLLC Standards. Thirteen items loaded on the 1st factor that represented items mainly from Standards 1, 2 & 3. Standard 4 was split between the 2nd & 6th factor and Standard 5 between factors 4 & 5. The 3rd factor consisted of 4 items from Standard 3. These results confirm to some extent the construct validity of the ISLLC 2008 Standards with the exception of Standard 6, which had only three items represented in factors 2 & 3. Moreover, Standards 4 & 5 each exhibited two additional dimensions, which might suggest a need for the development and adoption of supplemental “footprint” standards. ACCESS FULL MANUSCRIPT AT:

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