This article reports findings from a study that examined Florida universities' masters-level educational leadership students' intentions to pursue assistant principal positions in relation to demographic and self-assessed leadership characteristics.  The study examined the influences that self-assessed leadership behavior, gender, number of credits completed, age, and teaching experience had on respondent intentions as measured by the Leadership Practice Inventory and the Demographics and Intentions Questionnaire.  Results found a majority of respondents 83% intend to seek an assistant principal position upon program completion. The study's results also found the majority of graduate students in Florida Educational Leadership programs are female, 64% rated salary had an influence on their decision to go into administration, 14% claimed they do not know when or if they would ever seek an assistant principal position.  Results regarding students' intentions to apply for administrative positions can be used to inform state licensure systems, school district leadership academy professional development, and university educational leadership department selection, recruitment, and retention efforts. FULL MANUSCRIPT AVAILABLE AT:
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