Recent critics of university-based educational leadership preparations programs have alleged that the programs are out of touch with the contemporary practices of PK-12 school leaders (Levine, 2005; Murphy, 2005; Walker & Qian, 2006). These complaints about preparation programs have resulted in new and innovative ways to prepare leaders (Crum, Myran, & Clayton, In Press), including the federally funded United States Department of Education School Leadership Program. This manuscript documents the development of a “Communication Hub”, which serves as a vehicle to disseminate lessons learned about the United States Department of Education School Leadership Program. While the Communication Hub is still in its early phases of development and finding the best paths to serve the community of SLP grantees, the evidence thus far demonstrates the need for a means of communicating and sharing. The study data suggest the participants see the Communication Hub as adding value to their individual projects as well as having the potential to better disseminate these important lessons learned and helping to increase the quality of educational leadership preparation programs. ACCESS FULL MANUSCRIPT AT:

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