In this study, the extent to which Texas public school districts complied with the 65% instructional expenditure ratio mandate was related to student achievement on the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills Science, Math, Reading, Social Studies, and Writing tests for the 2007-2008 school year. Following the grouping of Texas public school districts into seven instructional expenditure categories (i.e., below 60%, 60-60.99%, 61-61.99%, 62-62.99%, 63-63.99%, 64-64.99%, and 65% and greater), statistical analyses were conducted. Statistically significant differences, with small to moderate effect sizes, were revealed for Black, Hispanic, and White students in their achievement scores as a function of school district instructional expenditures. School districts that spent less than 60% on instruction had lower passing rates in all five subject areas than districts that spent more than 65%. Implications for further research are discussed. FULL MANUSCRIPT AVAILABLE AT:

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