Under AZ statutes 15.502 and 503 multiple year contracts are allowed for superintendents or principals. Most principal contracts are for one year. McREL (2006) research found that sustainability leadership greatly improves student performance. Arizona has many more qualified certificated administrators available for principalships. Yet, applications can tend to be low. Issues of working conditions and low salary lead many who are certified to choose not to enter the Principal or Superintendent ranks. Is this due to low pay? Or, workload issues, such as, lack of job security?  Without question, there are pros and cons of multiple year contracts for school administrators.  Results of the 2009 Arizona principal’s survey indicate that about half of Arizona school boards do not support multi-year contracts: however, the respondents felt that such contracts would allow them to be change agents and would attract candidates to principal positions. Results further indicated that a majority of the respondents did not know districts could issue multi-year principal contracts. ACCESS FULL MANUSCRIPT AT: http://cnx.org/content/m35756/latest/

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