Both administrators and teachers need to respond effectively in a crisis or emergency situation – a successful crisis response requires planning, preparation, and teamwork.  While the probability of a crisis event in your school is low, the stakes can be very high – preparedness can mean the difference between life and death. This instructional module is for current and prospective school leaders.  It starts with a case presenting an emergency situation in a high school followed by discussion questions and independent assignments. The primary audience is the current or prospective administrator, but this module is also important for those in or aspiring to teacher-leadership positions. 

The readings, resources, and tasks of this module can be taught according to the suggested plan below or be adapted as needed for your course.  Three to four weeks should be allowed for the module.
This module develops knowledge of and skills in: crisis response in schools; crisis management planning (and planning in general); and leadership communications.  FULL INSTRUCTIONAL MODULE AT:

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