Abstract: This article includes findings from an exploratory study on maintaining student engagement in the online component of hybrid courses at an ethnically diverse community college in the western United States. Two components of student engagement were addressed: (a) active and collaborative learning and (b) student-faculty interaction as defined by the Community College Survey of Student Engagement. The importance of maintaining engagement in the online component of hybrid courses, as well as the perceived effectiveness of online instructional strategies to support these forms of engagement, were evaluated. The study included 138 student surveys in the disciplines of sociology, English, communication, and computer information systems, 29 surveys of faculty teaching hybrid courses, and 9 in-depth faculty interviews. A primary finding is that students and faculty placed high importance on maintaining student-faculty interaction in the online components of class. Additionally, 18 promising online strategies to support collaborative learning and student-faculty interaction are discussed.

AVAILABLE AT: http://cnx.org/content/m33261/latest/

Keywords: community college, student-faculty interaction, collaborative learning, online instruction

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