Abstract: The primary objective of this research project was to determine the operational effectiveness of the ISLLC 2008 Standards' "footprints" as they are understood and utilized by the nation's school superintendents when they are applied to the summative evaluation of building principals. Using a quantitative survey design, results suggest that a hierarchy of application does exist with the ISLLC 2008 Standards. A series of chi-square analyses indicate that when the nation's superintendents refer to the ISLLC 2008 Standards' "footprints" as a guide to principal evaluation, Standard II (Instruction) is the most important followed in rank order by Standard I (Vision), Standard V (Ethics), Standard III (Management), Standard IV (Community), and Standard VI (Larger Context). A Friedman test for related samples confirmed and validated the chi-square analyses results.

AVAILABLE AT: http://cnx.org/content/m33273/latest/

Keywords: ISLLC Standards, principal evaluation, superintendents, "footprints"

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