Abstract: The proliferation of inappropriate master's degress in educational administration is a touch challenge facing efforts to reform school leadership in the nation. In the state of Illinois there are 26 universities offering 32 master's degree programs in educational leadership. In all, candidates enroll in 16 different types of specilizations hardly distinquishable from one another - four different types of M.A. degrees, three M.S. degrees, four M.Ed. degrees, two M.A.Ed. degrees, and three M.S.Ed. degrees. Most programs do not require a master's degree thesis. In addition, many programs have marginalized studies in social foundations of education, and some do not have specific courses of study in educational research methodology. It was recommended that states' efforts to reform school leadership start with the overhaul of master's degree programs.

AVAILABLE AT: http://cnx.org/content/m33601/latest/

Keywords: educational administration, masters degrees, Illinois preparation programs

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