Abstract: In this study, 10 superintendent/principals in rural school districts were interviewed regarding their views of dual role job responsibilities and effective leadership behaviors considered to be priorities; occupational stressors most prevalent in these dual roles; and the stress coping strategies that they used to deal with the dual role stresses they experienced. Major responsibilities ranged from budget preparation, curriculum planning, staff development, facilities management, to student discipline. A common thread was the large number of job responsibilities inherent in the dual position. All participants commented on the incredible number of tasks and the various "hats" they wore on a daily basis. Time management, no matter how efficient the participant was, seemed to be a difficult area. In discussing stress coping strategies, faith and supportive relationships such as families and activities outside of school were identified by superintendent/principals as genuine sources of relieving occupational stress. Implications of findings are discussed.

AVAILABLE AT: http://cnx.org/content/m33853/latest/

Keywords: rural schools, superintendent/principals, education leadership, dual roles

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