Abstract: This paper will discuss one component of the administrative certification program: the administrative internship. "As much as 15 years ago, internship experiences in leadership preparation were the focus of significant research on competency development, supervision, and mentoring. In recent years, internships and field experiences have become a more extensive part of many programs..." (Orr, 2006, p. 496). The internship has specifically come under criticism for its lack of relevance and connection to the rest of the administrative preparation program. "At most institutions, internships are disconnected from course work and do not provide ongoing, in-school translation of key concepts and strategies or opportunities to apply new knowledge to solving real-world problems and improving school and classroom practice" (Fry & O'Neill, 2006, p. 58).

AVAILABLE AT: http://cnx.org/content/m32292/latest/

Keywords: online, internship

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