Abstract: This qualitative study examined 88 experienced teachers' responses related to mentoring. Our findings suggest mentors possess the willingness and expertise to enhance the professional development and growth of a beginning teacher. Mentors were motivated by the opportunity to express an altruistic value, to provide affective support, to grow professionally through self-actualization, and to enhance a colleague's growth and development. The mentors also perceived their classroom experience, pedagogical knowledge, disposition, interpersonal proficiency, and conscientious listening as traits that would enhance a mentoring relationship. In addition, the participants perceived having skill in managing a classroom, human relations, instructional planning, and providing constructive feedback as a means to effectively mentor. Our results add to the extant body of research on mentoring by highlighting the participants' unique voices. School leaders may take into account these authentic perceptions when inviting, selecting, training, and supporting mentors to increase the possibility of facilitating an effective mentoring initiative.

AVAILABLE AT: http://cnx.org/content/m32652/latest/

Keywords: mentoring, mentoring characteristics, induction, novice teachers, professional development

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