Abstract: Leaders have increasingly focused on the importance of mission statements in promoting organizational vision and purpose. Given this focus, this research involved content analysis of mission statements from 108 elementary schools. Specifically, the researchers analyzed the mission statements of Exemplary (n = 58) and Academically Unacceptable (n = 50) elementary schools in the State of Texas for the 2008-2009 school year. By analyzing mission statements using a method of classic content analysis and open coding, we generated 15 themes. Eight of these themes replicated themes from a previous study (i.e., Academic Success, Caring Environment, Citizenship, Collaboration, Commitment, Life-Long Learning, Opportunity, and Safe Environment), whereas seven themes emerged anew in this study (i.e., Educate All, Professional Development, Meeting the Needs of Changing Society, Curriculum Alignment, Developing Problem Solvers/Critical Thinkers, Capitalizing on Students' Individual Strengths, and Describing School Environment.) Implications are discussed.

AVAILABLE AT: http://cnx.org/content/m32961/latest/

Keywords: Elementary Schools, Mission Statements, Organization Vision and Purpose

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