We offer the collaborative inquiry-action cycle as a framework for principals’ practice and principal preparation. The cycle is a pragmatic tool that does not prescribe behaviors or contexts. Moreover, the cycle does not represent another programmatic solution or model for leadership. Rather the power of the cycle is that it drives collaboration, inquiry, and action as anchors for improving teaching and learning. The cycle uses these anchors to advance the knowledge, skills, and dispositions of principal candidates so they become inquiry-minded and action-oriented. Finally, this framework can be used by pre-service principal preparation educators to fulfill three important functions: (1) provide a realistic educational experience for future school principals, (2) move away from a strict adherence to standards (what is taught) toward advances in the pedagogical experiences for students (how curriculum is taught), and (3) to meet external accreditation mandates. FULL MANUSCRIPT AT: http://cnx.org/content/m20062/latest/
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