Our decentralized education system originally built for a localized agrarian community now confronts a confluence of a highly networked and currently unstable global economy, instantaneous communication systems, vast wealth inequities, unstoppable human migrations, impending ecological disasters, ethnic/ religious violence and questionable ethnic conclusions. Can human intelligence and adaptability be summoned from a drooping education system to produce the social and intellectual strength fit to address these escalating challenges? Conceptual in nature, the authors of this paper contend that "New Eduerati" leadership will initiate the transformation. Driven by an ego that does not need entitlement, Eduerati are futuristic looking back at the present. Eduerati are the intellectually excited architects of the educational system who, like the Literati and Technerati, are deeply knowledgeable and committed to improving their field with new ways of thinking.

FULL MANUSCRIPT AT: http://cnx.org/content/m24047/latest/

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