If you meet with almost any group of school administrators and ask them what the most critical factor in improving schools and increasing student achievement, they would most likely say having an outstanding faculty is the key. Common wisdom among principals is that nothing is more important to the overall success of the school than selecting excellent teachers. This perception is well supported by a growing body of research which has established a direct link between effective teaching and increased student achievement (Tucker and Stronge 2005; Stronge 2002; Marzano Pickering, and Pollock 2001; Fullen 2001; Danielson and McGreal 2000). This manuscript will begin with an overview of the current and projected teacher employment market in the United States. After identifying this market data, the results of a research study of 142 Illinois principals’ common practices in teacher selection processes will be reported. The manuscript will conclude by discussing the implications of the study results for professors of educational administration. ACCESS FULL MANUSCRIPT HERE: http://cnx.org/content/m17302/latest/
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