The purpose of this study was to examine and compare the perceptions of undergraduate and graduate students of a selected state university in Texas attending the Multi Institutional Teaching Center (MITC)/The University Center (TUC) or the main campus regarding the effectiveness of student services. As universities face limited resources and fierce competition, administrators are forced to respond to the changing environment by expanding their campus borders. As they expand, these institutions of higher education are expected to sustain their effectiveness in providing student services to survive the threats. This reality made this study significant and timely. The study examined five research questions which compared the perceptions of students attending the MITC/TUC to the perceptions of students on the main campus. The student services under study were admissions, advising, financial aid, and registration. The methodology, findings, and implications of this study can help to increase the knowledge of campus administrators and can assist them in making data-driven decisions where institutions of higher education look to expand their borders beyond their campuses. ACCESS FULL MANUSCRIPT HERE:
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