This case study-based class assignment (see Appendix A) is designed as a culminating course activity through which students demonstrate not only their understanding of school finance basics but also show how to apply their knowledge to solving a problem impacting many public school administrators today. Because the case study is general in design, it is useful in almost any school district setting. It also allows students to document what they have learned about school finance and to demonstrate their creative financial problem-solving skills. Students are encouraged to recommend a broad array of revenue enhancement and expenditure reduction strategies to solve a real-life school district budget deficit. Through this assignment, school finance professors will be able to assess the breadth and depth of their students’ knowledge of the basics of school finance as well as their students’ ability to understand both sides of the school deficit financial equation: revenue enhancement and expenditure reduction. They will also be able to assess their own students’ abilities to employ problem-solving strategies to a common school finance issue. ACCESS FULL MANUSCRIPT HERE:

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