The 2002/2003 Seton Hall University (SHU) ELMP (Education Leadership, Management and Policy) Department objectives included developing a “learning community” or Community of Learners (COL) framework for ELMP to advance a research and scholarship culture and have a “researchable” element. The Department developed a framework and concept paper to get started. Secondly, such a plan should be useful to meet NCATE Standard 5 to document faculty qualifications, performance and development. The ELMP working draft drew heavily from Boyer (1990) Scholarship Reconsidered to expand traditional ideas of “scholarship” and blend them into the COL. ELMP faculty reviewed and revised the paper and incorporated the COL in the ELMP Strategic Plan (8/05). This paper explains the evolution of the COL, including the rationale, definitions and outcomes from the pilot usage. Initial indications are that ELMP faculty, students, and others are working collaboratively in the COL, which is the basis of expanded scholarship efforts. ACCESS FULL MANUSCRIPT HERE:

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