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Table of Contents

Editors’ Introduction                                                                                               1

Darlene Russell, Julia Ballenger


Immigration Across Cultures Throughout History:

Deconstructing the Myths and Misconception in Teacher Education                7

Melda N. Yildiz


Children of Immigration: A Holistic Developmental                                         18

Approach/An Imperative for Social Justice

Effie N. Christie, Maureen V. Himchak


Fostering a Humanizing Pedagogy: Imagined Possibilities                               34

For African Immigrant Girls

Crystal Chen, Karishma Desai, Michelle Knight-Manuel


Nanny, Momma, Portia, and Us: Two Black Jamaican                                     44

Women Conquer the PhD and Navigate Academia

Cheryll Albold, Cherrel Miller-Dyce


Narratives of Foreign-Born International Teachers: Implications for            58

Dialogic Leadership for Social Justice

Makini Beck, Christine Nganga


Tilt and Pivot: Immigrant Transgressions through Autoethnography           72

Yen C. Verhoeven


Intersectionality of Native American and Deaf Women: Cross-Cultural       81

Parallels in Historical Oppression and Identity Formation

on Leadership Development

Damara Goff Paris


About the Authors                                                                                                98

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