The principal preparation program that leads to licensure may or may not include a course specically dedicated to ethics. Despite this apparent inconsistency, questions of ethical behavior and morally-purposed leadership are threaded thickly through coursework whose focus embraces the traits that effective leaders should have or at least aspire to. Whether rooted in an educational setting (e.g. Evans, 2007; Fullan, 2001; Sergiovanni, 2007; Shapiro and Stefkovich, 2005; Starratt, 1994; Strike, Haller, & Soltice, 1998; Tschannen-Moran, 2007; Willower & Licata, 1997) or in the world of business (e.g. Collins, 2001; Kidder, 1995; Lencione,2002), consideration of how leadership should be judged against an ethical standard goes hand-in-hand with establishing and bringing to reality the vision for an organization.

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