Preparation programs for school leaders are shaped by the ELCC standards and are of critical value to professors teaching in these programs. Principals can only implement the standards in partnership with teachers. The purposes of the study were to examine the perceptions of the value and implementation of the ELCC standards. Respondents in seven districts, totaling 132 administrators and teachers, value ranked each ELCC standard and identified the implementation level. Data were analyzed using conjoint analysis, the Mann-Whitney U Test and Kruskal-Wallis analysis. Results indicated that teachers and principals generally value the ELCC standards in the same order of importance and the standards are practiced by the school leader.  Implications for educational administration programs include the need to: develop understanding of the benefits of shared leadership; emphasize shared values by teachers and administrators; and instruct administrators how to identify, develop, and utilize teacher leaders to improve schools. FULL MANUSCRIPT AVAILABLE IN PDF (attached below) AND/OR ONLINE AT:

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