Potential authors must register as a FastTrack user to submit their manuscripts to the IJELP. In addition, potential authors MUST register as a Connexions User. Procedures for registering for these two user accounts are provided here:

When you submit your manuscript through NCPEA FastTrack, you will be directed to the FastTrack user account procedure. Submissions must go through this system - no email or hard copies will be accepted or considered.

To register as a Connexions user, follow these steps:

  1. In your browser, type: http://www.cnx.org/
  2. Under Author Login, click on "Get an Account"
  3. Follow the simple steps and set up your account (RECORD your username and password).
  4. After your submission is accepted and formatted for publication, you will be notified by NCPEA to Accept Author/Copyright Roles. You then will log into your previously set up user account and Accept Author Role. This procedure is a protection against anyone submitting or publishing under your name without your knowledge.

Video simulations for both procedures are available at: 


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