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The Comprehensive Guide to Effective Schooling Practices is provided by authors, Daniel and Jan Groves, as an open educational resource free of charge to all. This manuscript may be used for non-commercial educational purposes. When referring to this manuscript, or portions thereof, please fully cite the work and give full attribution to the authors.

 “This book offers a wealth of school practices from the author’s experiences. Don and Jan Groves have had the opportunity to teach, counsel, lead and manage in schools in Europe, Africa and the Americas…Every school is an individual situation requiring special modifications to meet local, national, and some cases, international accreditation requirements. The Guide to Effective Schooling Practices is full of extremely useful and easily implemented sample procedures to assist schools in running smoothly, whether in the United States or in an International School.”

Dr. Rosemary Papa



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Educational Leadership and Administration: Teaching and Program Development is a refereed journal published yearly since 1988 for the California Association of Professors of Educational Administration (CAPEA). The journal is listed in the Current Index to Journals in Education (CIJE), and is catalogued in the Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) database, providing a comprehensive, easy-to-use, searchable Internet-based bibliographic and full text database for education research and information for educators, researchers, and the general public. (California Association of Professors of Educational Administration/U.S. Department of Education's Institute of Education Sciences Contract No. ED-04-CO-0005). 



 Full text issues attached below.  For CAPEA information, contact Albert Jones, Editor, California State University Los Angeles at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Quantitative Data Analysis Using Microsoft® Excel: A School Administrator’s Guide. Gerard Babo and Leonard Elovitz. Ypsilanti, Michigan: NCPEA Publications, 2015. 226 pp., 10 Chapters.
Reviewed by Theodore Creighton, Professor Retired, Virginia Tech. Click on Attachment Below.

Download this file (Babo_Elovitz_Review.pdf)Babo_Elovitz_Review.pdf[ ]83 kB


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Publication Date: August 2016 


Taking the Mystery Out of South Carolina School Finance
Henry Tran

Taking the Mystery Out of South Carolina School Finance is an excellent resource for graduate students studying educational leadership and school finance as well as policy makers such as local school board members.

ORDER BOUND/PRINTED COPY CLICK HERE (Preview available before purchasing)



Online Faculty Teaching, Novice to Expert:
Effective Practices for the Student Learner

Mary Dereshiwsky, Rosemary Papa and Ric Brown


Print book

Screen Shot 2016 09 17 at 8.50.43 PM

Publication Date: September 2016 

Developing Globally Minded and Culturally Proficient School Leaders: Voices of Aspiring Leaders

Brad Bizzell and Patricia Talbot, Eds.


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(Ebook option coming soon)

 Technology engagement

Publication Date: September 2016


A Beginner’s Guide to Increasing Student Engagement through Technology

Julie McDowell and Chelsey Anastasoff


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Screen Shot 2016 09 30 at 7.53.09 AM   

Global Leadership for Educational Leaders

Carol Mullen and Kenneth Lane


Print book 



Babo Cover

Publication Dates:

Windows 2015; Mac 2016

Quantitative Data Analysis Using Microsoft Excel: A School Administrator's Guide

Gerard Babo & Leonard Elovitz


Read a Book Review - CLICK HERE

WINDOWS Edition Print book 

This Book has a "companion website" CLICK HERE

MAC Edition Print book

(Not available in EBook)


slate cover 2015

Publication Date:

October 2015

So, You Have to Write a Dissertation, Do You? 

John Slate, George Moore, & Wally Barnes


Print book (Preview available)

(Not available in Ebook option)


Publication Date: August 2017

Taking the Mystery Out of Michigan School Finance, 7th Edition

William J. Price


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Print book



Vaughn Cover

Publication Date: July 2015

Preparing Future Ready Education Leaders Through Globalized Online Learning 

This Book has a "companion websiteClick HERE

Screen Shot 2016 05 24 at 11.36.35 PM eBook



Print book (Preview available)



Kersten 8th

Publication Date: August 2017 


Taking the Mystery Out of Illinois School Finance, 9th Edition
Thomas A. Kersten

Author Thomas Kersten first published Taking the Mystery Out of Illinois School Finance in 2007, and annually revises to reflect the most up-to-date information on Illinois school finance available. As such, it provides school administrators, school board members, professors, graduate students, and other stakeholders with an easy to understand explanation of school funding. 

ORDER BOUND/PRINTED COPY CLICK HERE (Preview available before purchasing)


Wildman Cover

Publication Date:

June 2015

Let's Share Our Ideas 
About Educational Leadership

Louis Wildman

This text offers a practitioner, scholar, or even a casual observer of educational administration a tremendous insight into our world. Author Louis Wildman writes for the educational leader who wishes to understand more clearly and think more deeply about his/her profession.

ORDER BOUND COPY HERE  (Preview Available)



pogrow front cover for website

Publication Date:

Sept 2017


Authentic Quantitative Analysis for Education Leadership Decision-Making and EdD Dissertations

Stanley Pogrow


Newly updated in 2017! This book is focused on an approach to quantitative analysis that is designed from the ground up to support leadership decision-making.  It is written from an applied, pragmatic, and concise perspective based on the author's extensive experience as a teacher, reformer, and policy analyst.

This Book has a "companion website" Click HERE

Screen Shot 2016 05 24 at 11.36.35 PM eBook

Print book



Publication Date: July 2015 

Taking the Mystery Out of School Financing in Victoria, Australia

Bandara Bandaranayake


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Print book  (Preview Available)




Publication Date:

June 2015

Theory to Practice: Fostering Diverse and Inclusive Campus Environments

Judith Aiken, Lacretia Johnson Flash, Wanda Heading-Grant, Fayneese Miller, Eds.

A primary goal for this book is to share theory, research and promising practices that enhance the climate and culture of the school or college campus toward the goals of diversity and inclusive excellence.




 Hewitt Cover

Publication Date:

August 2013

Postcards from the Schoolhouse

Kimberly Kappler Hewitt, Cherese Childers-McKee, Elizabeth Hodge, Rhonda Schuler, Eds.

There is a sense of urgency that surrounds the imperative to provide all
children a quality eduction, and instructional leaders have an ethical
responsibility to meet this obligation. This book explores the role of
leadership as it relates to the elements of curriculum and instruction
and examines contempory global, national, state, and local challenges facing educational leaders. This book focuses on the intersection of research, theory, and practice.


(Not available in Ebook option)


Publication Date: January 2018

Arizona Education Law Review, 5th Edition

Thomas Hughes

Author Thomas Hughes, a professor from Northern Arizona University (NAU) and nationally recognized in educational law, presents his highly acclaimed Arizona Education Law Review, in its 5th Edition. This book is aimed at helping school administrators, supervisors, and administrative interns weave through the complexities of Arizona School Law. The authors thoroughly cover the State Board of Education Laws and Arizona Revised Statutes.

BOUND COPY CLICK HERE (Preview Available)

(Not available in Ebook option)

Graham Cover

Publication Date: July 2014

Preparing for School Leadership in Texas: Challenges of 21st Century School Leadership

Kriss Kemp-Graham

Practicing principals and superintendents continue to tell us that what they do in their jobs in schools bears little resemblance to the preparation received at the university. Not until now has there been such a model to follow and such a genuine and effective approach to helping perspective school leaders to close the gap between their conceptual belief of the right course of action and what they will actually choose to do in the real situation.

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Print book (Preview Available)



VA Front

Publication Date: July 2014

Taking the Mystery Out of Virginia School Finance
Richard G. Salmon & M. David Alexander

Nationally acclaimed authors Richard Salmon and David Alexander (Virginia Tech) in clear langauage, "take the mystery out of"  financing public elementary and secondary education in the Commonwealth of Virgina. 

Print book (Preview available)


Tucker Cover

Publication Date: December 2016

Taking the Mystery Out of Florida School Finance
Gary W. Tucker

Author Gary Tucker (former school administrator and Superintendent of Schools) explains Florida School Finance with a metaphorical and conversational tone (absent is the complicated hard to understand concepts), and truly "takes the mystery out of Florida school finance."  The Printed Copy version was just updated for 2016!


Screen Shot 2016 05 24 at 11.36.35 PM eBook


Print book (Preview available)

Greed Cover

Publication Date: January 2014

Educational Leadership in the Age of Greed 

Dr. English believes we, the educational leaders, must through the force of our voices, scholarship, teaching, service and research, identify the neoliberal agendas and self-interests found in their proposals for reform and call them out. He asks us to be brave and vigorously describe the horrific effects of what I term anti-educationists reform prophets.  

Print book (Preview available)

(Not available in Ebook option)

Harris Cover

Publication Date: July 2014

Building Cultural Community through Global Educational Leadership


Sandra Harris
Jason Mixon

The editors, Sandra Harris and Jason Mixon, both from Lamar University, have assembled a vast array of education leaders from around the world with expertise in the field to present a series of provocative articles that are both insightful to the issues and prescriptive as to what is needed to be accomplished in today’s global society. 

Print book (Preview available)

(Not available in Ebook option)

TX Front Cover

Publication Date: September 2013


Taking the Mystery Out of Texas School Finance, 2nd Edition 

Pauline Sampson, Vance Vaughn, & Chuck Holt



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Print book (Preview available)


Archbald Cover


The GAPPSI Method: Problem-solving, Planning, and Communicating - Concepts and Strategies for Leadership in Education

Douglas Archbald



Print book (Preview available)



Writing Tips for Dissertations, Theses, and Manuscripts: Making APA 6th Edition User-Friendly
Authors: John Slate, Ana Rojas-LeBouef, George Moore
Publication Date: 2012
Preview and Order BOUND COPY HERE

Charter Schools in Michigan: A Handbook for Understanding Public Policy and Practice,
Newly Updated 3rd Edition 
Authors: William J. Price & Benjamin P. Jankens Publication Date, 2017 Preview and Order BOUND COPY HERE 

An Open Letter to President Obama: Chicago Teachers Speak Out on Urban Education
Author: Debra Lynch
Publication Date, 2013
Preview and Order BOUND COPY HERE

Critical Social Justice Issues for School Practitioners
Editors: Sandra Harris and Stacey Edmonson
Publication Date: 2013
Preview and Order BOUND COPY HERE



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